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!! OZ1IEP's Live APRS Denmark !!

!! Full Feed from oz4dii.dyndns.org:10152 !!

Bedst med en opløsning på 1280*1024,

This is Mainly a Radio amateur site.

Last update of this side was at  by Carl Halkier.


To allow for some Java magic to happen this is a signed application. This means in order for it to work you have to answer yes to the security dialog box which comes up

This viewer is connected to oz4dii.dyndns.org:10152. This is Full feed which means if you run this viewer in the background it will  reduces your surfing activities.

javAPRS Commands (Case Insensitive)
U or PGUP zooms up (wider view)   D or PGDN zooms down (narrower view)
CTRL-click centers map on clicked location   ALT-click zooms in on clicked location
Arrow keys scrolls map   Left Click On Station Shows Station Details in Status Bar of your browser

Sorry, your browser doesn't do Java!

Pete Created this javaAPRS applet. Check out Pete's at http://www.ae5pl.net